What is ICE?


When you are reimagining how to do things it can be difficult to describe and explain what it is you are creating because there are very few reference points for something that is brand new. So here’s an attempt to clarify just what ICE is, what it does and how it can work for everyone.


ICE launched in 2015 to recognise and reward InHouse Corporate Event planners with the creation of the ICEAWARDS. From that initiative ICE has grown a community of 1100 corporate event professionals who now engage through ICE conferences, webinars, thinktanks, Zoom gatherings, online publications, benchmark research, training and other communication channels.

In 2021 ICE created a gathering of event professionals and influencers at COP 26 from which various activities are emanating for 2022.

The ICE core value is BETTER TOGETHER but the overriding mantra is TRUST.

The ICE team work hard at creating and sharing information, knowledge and opportunities for the ICE community to develop and evolve. This is all made possible by the financial and activity support of our sponsor members.

It is crucial that any individual or organisation that joins the ICE community understands that old fashioned selling is not part of the ICE culture. So all must agree to the principles of the PLEDGE*.

All ICE members understand that they are ambassadors and messengers expected to share and promote the collateral and ideas created by the ICE team. Indeed members are encouraged to create concepts and spread best practice in partnership with ICE to help create a better working environment for everyone in events.

This behaviour consolidates the trust of the ICE community and creates a collaborative environment which delivers relationships from which business opportunities can arise.

Anyone with a ‘foot in the door’ attitude will be shown the door!

At time of writing ICE is in the process of gaining B Corp accreditation and moving to a Social Enterprise.