Introducing the Revolutionary ICE Expo-Style Format for 2024!

Are you ready for a transformative shift in the world of corporate events? Prepare to be amazed as we unveil our ground-breaking approach to the International Corporate Event (ICE) “Exhibition” in 2024.  We are excited to announce the launch of our “Expo-style format” with a difference!

At ICE 2024, we are putting the power of problem-solving in the hands of you the corporate planner community. Please share with us a challenge or issue they face when delivering events for their organisation.

Upon receiving the challenge details, we will select top-tier ICE supporters to collaborate in groups of five, creating solutions. The “Expo Solvers” will bring their expertise to the table, ready to address challenges. With a 1m x 1m x 1m display space, they will provide a consultation statement outlining their approach. Onsite, corporates will form teams of 10, selecting a challenge and purchasing ‘consultation time’ from partners to jointly solve it. The corporate team leader will present the solution in a 5-minute pitch, followed by an audience vote to determine the winner.

Hey What’s Your Challenge