Discover Innovative Solutions at the ICE Expo – Unboxing Exhibitions

Welcome, Corporate Planners, to the ICE Expo, where innovation and collaboration take centre stage. Forget the conventional exhibition model; we’ve reimagined the experience to create a dynamic, interactive environment where your challenges are the main focus. Thanks for joining us in this revolutionary format!

The ICE Expo is transformed into a Co-Lab space, a creative workshop where challenges submitted by corporates like you are tackled collaboratively. With the support of our ICE partners, we delve into these challenges to uncover expert solutions, all within the excitement of a ticking ICE clock. Here’s what to expect:

Before the Event

With the assistance of our corporate community, we’ve compiled the key challenges faced by event planners. Our ICE partners have joined forces to develop expert solutions for these challenges.

At the Expo

Interactive Genius Bar: Upon arrival, you’ll find the expo space transformed into interactive Genius Bars, where ICE partners have prepared to address your challenges with custom-branded solutions.

Collaborative Workshops: Corporate attendees are grouped and will rotate through the Genius Bars, engaging in direct Q&A sessions with ICE partners to refine these solutions.

High-Engagement Format: Expect a simple, direct approach with high engagement. You’ll directly contribute to overcoming the challenges presented, with the guidance of our Genius Sparks—two experts navigating the floor to encourage participation.

Visual Countdown: A prominent ICE clock will count down the event, ensuring a focused and timely workshop.

We’re thrilled to provide this unique, time-efficient platform at the ICE Expo, aimed at fostering genuine connections and real-world solutions. We look forward to your active participation in this journey of discovery and innovation!

With only 125 spaces available, make sure to secure your spot quickly!

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