Every day, the Operational Delivery Profession’s (ODP) 200,000-plus frontline Civil Servants provide vital services to UK citizens including those most vulnerable in society. Representing departments across government, these key workers are the public face of public service.

During the pandemic ODP’s members have been required to perform duties that extend far beyond those of their ‘normal’ roles. From securing our borders to the rapid implementation of the Government’s furlough payments scheme these people have kept the country running, protecting lives and livelihoods; yet their efforts are largely unacknowledged. The ODP Awards recognise, reward, motivate and inspire these largely unsung heroes.

Any member of ODP, irrespective of their role or background was eligible to be nominated for an Award. The response from the professional community was unprecedented and they received 704 nominations representing 41 different departments across government as compared with 29 departments represented at the previous year’s Celebration Event.