Childline’s Merry Little Christmas is a traditional charity carol concert which has been delivered for 11 years. Ordinarily held at Holy Trinity Church in Mayfair for 450 guests, the event included live performances, celebrity readings and a luxury silent auction running alongside the concert, giving guests the opportunity to find the perfect Christmas gift.

This year, NSPCC were presented with the ultimate challenge: how do they take a traditional carol concert which raises money for Childline- and run it virtually. This challenge came at a critical time for Childline, which was responding to a huge wave of calls from children deeply impacted by the isolation and anxiety brought on by Covid 19.

This event was one of the first virtual events created by the NSPCC and laid a lot of the groundwork for many colleagues who have had to change the way they work to create virtual events. They succeeded in gaining support across all regional teams at the NSPCC to create the flagship NSPCC Christmas event for 2020 and the concert exceeded its fundraising target for children in a really difficult time.