Emerging Themes is an annual event which has been held for the past 10 years to launch their Emerging Themes in Financial Regulation publication. 

With the publication continuing to be launched in 2021 (albeit digitally), it was imperative that they continued to host this event to continue to drive business growth and maximise awareness of their chosen target audience, whilst continuing the momentum and engagement the event has gained over the past 10 years. 

It became clear quickly that they couldn’t replicate the in-person experience so the team needed to design a new event experience that left the attendee feeling BCLP are the market leaders in the regulatory area. 

The team designed an event that was engaging not only from engagement tools but that was also rich in content. They made the event shorter but with more contact opportunities which wouldn’t have been possible in-person. Their registration page included a short survey and the data from this survey drove the design for the event ensuring that the audience could access content that mattered most to them and ensuring BCLP continued to show their expertise in the market.