Atlassian’s mission is “to unleash the potential of every team.” The company culture and solutions literally revolve around teamwork, collaboration and open work.  

Everyone’s voice is heard when it comes to developing strategy and brainstorming solutions, and all input is considered when it’s time to gather constructive feedback. Most importantly, Atlassians (as employees are referred to) are encouraged to take time to take care of themselves and each other, which fosters a better quality of work and stronger employee relationships.

Atlassian’s Team ’21 conference was designed to allow professionals from across industries and functions to come together and explore the intersectionality of modern teamwork, humanity and technology. 

The Atlassian Experiential & Field Marketing Event team operates like a well-oiled, cross-functional team to execute this high profile, all digital experience, which also served as a key platform for Atlassian product and company announcements. 

The experience took place over 2+ days and “followed the sun” broadcasting a combination of pre-recorded and live hosted content in three time zones.