Best Community Engagement

Sponsored by: ENTER

What the Judges are looking for

  • Demonstration of a coherent journey from brief through the methodology to result.
  • Evidence of research and sourcing of tools, services, and methods.
  • How and why the delegate experience achieved an understanding of your organisation’s community commitment.
  • What unique aspect arose from the implementation of ideas adopted?
  • Overall final results of the delegate experience and how it was measured against the brief.



This award welcomes entries who have structured an event to effectively create communication methods that combine to inform, engage and act to support and improve their organisation’s community initiatives.

This category offers an opportunity to showcase your commitment to community support and D&I initiatives. Your event may be part of a portfolio of activities of interaction and engagement.

You will need to demonstrate how you have incorporated the core values of your organisation’s community engagement across planning, creation and delivery.