Event planning is what we are all great at. But sometimes we need to explore and receive training which will help shape us for the future of events. We are the Golden Age of events where our audiences are expanding and it will be essential you and your team receive the best training


401 : Creating a Successful Debrief Process

The event debrief is a vital part of the event process. There is no such thing as a perfect event. However, a thorough and honest debrief process will help you understand what went right, what went wrong and what you could do better next time. This part of the event process is fundamental and this course will set you up for all event debriefs moving forward.

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402 - Developing Your Virtual Event Planner Skills

Virtual events have been thrust into the limelight in 2020, as businesses adapt to the impact of Coronavirus. Yet, events planners cannot simply replicate the ‘in-person’ model online. A whole new world of opportunity awaits! Get ahead of the curve and learn the tools to deliver a ‘best in class’ virtual event that will truly connect with your audience.

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403 - Measuring the Success of Your Event

Never has measuring the success of your event been more paramount. The success of all elements of your event should be evaluated and measured, to determine its individual and overall successes. This course will arm you with the skills you need at the beginning of each of your events, to ensure you are able to implement an efficient and effective measurement process for all your stakeholders.

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404 : Bespoke Virtual Event Support

Justine and the team will provide custom training and bespoke support for your upcoming virtual events.

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405: The Future is Hybrid Events

Post Coronavirus, Hybrid Events is the Events Industry’s future. The learnings and benefits that have been identified in Virtual Events will be merged with the live event experience. This course will provide a comprehensive guide to the key elements of Hybrid Events and how to be on the cutting edge of this new event revolution.

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