GHC Live – November 2023

Strategic Policy, Design, and Development of Corporate Events  – In a world where the demand for events is massive should we, as event leaders, be pushing back and helping our stakeholders reconsider the real need for an event and work out their events’ strategic value?  We do not want to come back to the old times, we need to re-invent and consider the design and delivery of events.

9.45-10.00 Coffee and Registration.

10.00  What Event Planners Should Really Do: Create A Sense of Belonging And Community,
Till Grusche, Co-Founder and Co-Ceo, House of Beautiful Business.
The founders of House of Beautiful Business believe that the strategic goal of long-term community building (and creating value for such a community) should be central to the work of corporate event planners of any brand, B2B and B2C. Till Grusche from the House of Beautiful Business will share insights into how to build communities when designing events and projects.

10.30      Group discussion to explore Till Grusche’s session

11.00      The Art of Persuasion – Dale Parmenter, Group CEO, DRPG.

Develop top management visibility and inspire leaders to become authentic communicators.  The connection between the way we engage and communicate with our people and the success of the organisation is well documented, yet some leaders still don’t make this connection and place internal comms low in their priorities. Leaders who do not embrace internal comms, frankly, can’t deserve to call themselves a leader.

11.20      Group discussion to explore Dale Parmenter’s session

13.00     Early lunch and catching up