Experiment with the Metaverse in real time

How do marketers use these technologies now? What will happen next in 2023? What are the barriers and how do you deal with them?

The event is open to all in-house corporate event planners and invited ICE supporters.  Remember the ICE pledge that 70% of the audience will be in-house corporate event planners and the other 30% of guests are non-sales people and only want to share their knowledge to help you stand out with your internal stakeholders.

Please note the timings below are Berlin time and the event starts at 13.30 and ends at 15.20 UK time.

14.30 – 15.00 (CET) – Registration & Getting to Know the World

Login to the system where the Meetaverse Host team will be on hand to explain how to use the system as a guest.

15.00 – 15.15 (CET) – Keynote 1 – Web 3.0 and how to use metaverse in event design.
James Nam, Head of Creative Digital, DRPG

15.16 – 15.39  (CET)- Keynote 2 – What if Your Attendees Designed Your Event?
Greg Bogue, Enterprise Vice President, Brand, Experience and Innovation Ecosystems, Maritz Global Events. Life is on a continuum of change, and after the past few years, our attendees come to events with new expectations. This session will look at how delegate ownership is the “next big thing” in our industry and how to inspire these attendees to set their own goals and objectives to achieve a personalized event experience. And we’ll discuss how to deliver an experience to meet or exceed these expectations.

15.40-16.00 (CET) Campfire Sessions

Campfire 1 – Thinking of entering ICEAWARDS 2023 (UK speaking) facilitated by Adrian Evans, ACC Liverpool

Campfire 2 – Brainstorm conference topics for ICE Conference 2023 facilitated by Matt Franks, DRPG

16.00-16.20 (CET)  Free time in the ICE Meetaverse – network and say hello to each other

16.20 – End of Digital Conference