Break the ICE

Looking to expand your circle beyond the office?

Introducing ‘Break the ICE’ – Your quarterly after-work networking fix! 🌟

We get it, building connections when your office time is limited can be a challenge, but did you know that studies highlight how vital networking is for both your career growth and personal happiness? 🚀

That’s why a bunch of us corporate ICERs have teamed up to create ‘Break the ICE’. Picture this: every quarter, on a Wednesday, fellow in-house corporate planners gather for a casual after-work drink.

Worried about corporate compliance hurdles? Don’t be! We’ve got you covered. Thanks to our amazing ICE Partners, the first round is on them!

So why wait? Join us to nurture those valuable networks and embrace the happy vibes of the future.

Let’s sip, chat, and grow together!
Below is the date for the next event: 18:00 – 19:30 (ish!)

19th June 2024