Siemens Energy had been carved out from Siemens AG in the summer last year during the pandemic with only a short set-up time and a tight timeline to engage in a meaningful dialogue with customers worldwide about the new brand and narrative. 

With the world changing at an ever-faster pace and the urgent need to position and spotlight energy in a short period of time, a format was needed that allowed reaching many customers in different positions and initiating meaningful dialogue.

The team developed a format with a completely virtual approach with several regional events around the globe local and international speakers.

The first event took place for Middle East/Africa with 9 sessions in total over three days, 8 panel discussions, 49 international speakers, 6 ministers among them, more than 90 media clippings and 21 minutes social media reach. The second one was for the Asia Pacific region with 7 sessions in two days, incl. 6 panel discussion.