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Best Brand Experience

Sponsored by: Southbank Centre

What the Judges are looking for

  • Demonstration of a coherent journey from brief, methodology through to results.
  • Evidence of research and sourcing of tools, services and methods.
  • How and why the delegate experience achieved an understanding of your organisation’s brand values.
  • What unique aspect arose from the implementation of ideas adopted.
  • What were the key challenges and how were these met.
  • Overall final results of the delegate experience and how it was measured against the brief.


It is now accepted that brand experience has become the benchmark when measuring the effectiveness of all communication initiatives. 

The winner of this award will have demonstrated their total understanding of their organisation’s brand values and propositions and created concepts and experiences that embrace the core messages.

You will need to demonstrate how you shaped your delegate experience to fit the demographic of your audience and their existing awareness of your organisations brand values.


Greg Pittard

Greg Pittard

Managing Director, ICEBOX

Rob Quayle

Rob Quayle

MD, RJQ Associates – Professional Events Consultancy Group

Amanda Pearlman

Amanda Pearlman

Head of Commercial Events, Southbank Centre