For the past 5 years, Product Developers within the Co-op’s Delicious Food Team take Co-op Executives, marketing/ PR, communications department and Wholesale group around the kitchens at their head office in Manchester. This is a chance for them to taste the new lines but also to showcase the products available across Co-op for the next season. 

The Event objectives was to compress the Showcase and Live build together in a virtual environment due to Covid restrictions. 

They needed to execute all the different needs depending on the audience while considering classified information and wholesale differences within our business requirements. They wanted to create a virtual interactive experience for the Exec team across the business, while also highlighting Co-op Christmas 2020 Hero lines. 

Working on a new initiative, the team created a replica of their Mason Street Co-op store that would take delegates through a virtual store tour via their work/personal devices at their own leisure. The tour would ensure they passed key hero lines, chosen highlighted products and information to ensure the key messages are easily identified.