Experiment with the Metaverse in real time

Typically, engagement within virtual worlds is limited and restricted to listening to speakers, rather than a truly interactive experience.

On 15th December at 14.30-16.20 (CST) ICE is launching, with help of the Meetaverse platform, ICE MEETAVERSE. Within this platform, virtual attendees can ‘tap’ other delegates, network and chat one to one or in a group.  This environment offers the potential for those spontaneous moments that often occur face to face at live events.

The virtual event on 15th December launching ICE Meetaverse will allow you to experience how to utilise this new technology for your events.  The ICE Meetaverse is not intended to replace any of the ICE live events, but will provide great opportunities for creative meetings, experimentation, and networking with a difference.

See the full programme and register here