Most Disruptive Event

Sponsored by: Explori

What the Judges are looking for

  • Clear objectives and results of using a ‘disruptive idea’.
  • Impact of the disruptive idea and evidence of how it positively changed the way the business approaches events.
  • Results of delegate experience.


Besides having a global pandemic disrupting the way all events were delivered, we’d like you to demonstrate how you or your team worked on an event that ‘disrupted’ the way your business usually approaches events.

Did you approach your stakeholders with different ideas which worked? Did you take a risk that saw the event being a huge success?

However big or small, we are looking for how these ‘disruptive’ ideas have positively changed the way your business does things in a new, creative, and maybe a more unusual way to the norm.


Chloe Richardson

Chloe Richardson

VP Senior Corporate Relations, Explori

Nick Moore

Nick Moore

Director, Glisser

Robert Dunsmore

Robert Dunsmore

Creative Director - Live Events past ILEA Board Member, Freelance Creative Director, Independent