Gerry McNulty’s expertise is timely and invaluable. Her vocal coaching is backed up by a 20-year career in British TV, radio, and theatre together with 30 years working as a Business coach and facilitator with major private and public institutions. Gerry has coached many CEO’s, senior management, and private individuals live and via screen, giving them the confidence to become excellent speakers.

“Gerry was awe-inspiring She comes from a background in business, and this has clearly given her a secure foundation
of competency to speak with the utmost conviction. She really knows her stuff and, with her knowledge of our company, she knows what our jobs demand of us. The fact that she is also an actress made this session unusual – and very special. In fact her ‘performance’ was something I’ve never seen before, in the way she was able to make each of us feel as if she was talking to us one on one: she had everyone hanging on her every word!” Review of a speech delivered by Gerry to a Global Organisation’s Women in Business Network meeting

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